Fábrica de Software e Outsourcing

Software factory

Our software factory specializes in the development of mobile applications, web and cloud systems, portals, marketplaces and interoperability between systems, accessing the various databases available. For each project, we use current technologies so that the software is performant, scalable and easy to continue when used.

Architecture adapts, organizes and evolves to support the changing needs of your organization. We connect end users with experiences in UX/UI, web and cloud, mobile, IoT, AI, among others.


We help you elevate your business to a level of excellence! We offer all the necessary technological support for the development and maintenance of systems in Genexus, Java, C#, Python, SmartDevice environments, among others. We provide specialized labor, through the internal or external allocation of software engineers, solution architects, systems analysts, developers, test analysts, project managers, etc.

We work in portability management by identifying gaps between the systems in operation and the needs required by the organization’s business processes, always seeking the best and most innovative solutions. We have a technical team specialized in developing specific software for integration between the different systems to be used, considering requirements such as performance, complexity, current database, integrations with other applications, migration needs and much more.

Benefits of JetFSW for your company

Deep Customization

With our JetFSW service, we not only offer customized solutions, but we also engage in in-depth understanding of your company's specific processes and needs. This allows us to create flexible, highly tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Strategic Resource Optimization

By relying on JetFSW for software development, your company can direct its internal resources to essential strategic activities, maximizing its operational efficiency and focusing on growth and innovation.

Collaboration with Recognized Experts

By choosing JetFSW, you are guaranteeing access to a team of experts recognized by the sector, who not only have experience in various technologies, but are also constantly updated with the best practices and market trends, guaranteeing the quality and effectiveness of the solutions delivered.

Quick Response to Market Demands

Our team is ready to adapt quickly to the changes imposed by your business, providing tailored, agile and flexible solutions, leaving you ahead of the competition and responding promptly to the innovations demanded by the market, driving the growth and evolution of your company.

  • AMMY ADMIN Remote access No installation Easy to use
  • ANYDESK Fast and Secure Remote Access No Installation
  • WINDOWS 64 BITS Update your system to Java 8 Windows 64 bit
  • WINDOWS 32 BITS Update your system to Java 8 Windows 32-bit