Increase your sales capacity with your ecommerce connected to Marketplaces and your CRM and customer service, ERP, financial, logistics, marketing tools and much more!

With our specific modules for total automation of retail stores, it is possible to reduce customer service time, reduce costs, increase sales, making integrated use of various resources, such as RFID readers, QR Code and barcodes, in addition to SATs, tax reports, electronic invoices (Nf-e).

Benefits of e-commerce for the company:

Sales channel open 24 hours a day

While a physical store follows traditional trading hours, a virtual store is online every day of the week, with no time limit.

Reach a larger target audience

It is important to highlight that we are not talking about a general audience (it is also included), but rather the specific target audience of your business.

Automate the sales process

A website that loads quickly, with products with a full description, payment options, highlighted price, and space for comments works as if it were a seller.

Monitor sales evolution

The systems generate reports that show sales made, canceled, abandoned carts, returns, complaints, etc.

  • AMMY ADMIN Remote access No installation Easy to use
  • ANYDESK Fast and Secure Remote Access No Installation
  • WINDOWS 64 BITS Update your system to Java 8 Windows 64 bit
  • WINDOWS 32 BITS Update your system to Java 8 Windows 32-bit